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Jordan Snow

Developer. Designer.

Full Scale Business Solutions

I am a freelance developer and designer, offering full business solutions to small businesses in Colorado. I offer many different services guaranteed to streamline every aspect of getting you on the web. From social media management campaigns to full web hosting and server management, no job is too big or small.

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Custom Website Development and Design

Get a new or updated website to get your business in the public eye. Modern practices and libraries ensure your website will grow with you for years to come!

Web Hosting Services

Once your website is sleek and shiny, there's also the problem of actually getting it posted online. I can help with that, too, with dedicated hosting solutions available as a subscription service - truly plug and play!

Social Media Management

Social media can play an enormous part in gathering new business for a company, but so much of the time it can be near impossible to have the time to constantly be posting and updating. I offer custom social media management campaigns, so that you can focus on doing what you should be doing, running that business!

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Jordan Snow
Developer / Designer

Husband and father, with another little one on the way. Javascript fullstack developer.

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Wife / Product Photography

My wife and partner-in-crime. She runs her own photography business, and is a master at product photography. This allows even better bundle deals if you use us both!