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Building Web Presence

When it comes to getting your business online, the levels of difficulty vary greatly nowadays. Different systems like Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla make it relatively simple to get a good looking site off the ground.

However, things can get complicated very quickly. With CDNs, DNSs, deciding to CSR or SSR - wait...just stop with all that nonsense. You should be working on what you do best and are most passionate about - YOUR BUSINESS!

I offer to cut through the technical jargon and deliver sleek, defined user interfaces that will delight your end users for years to come

What Can I Do For You

Full Design Process

My process is very thorough, with full visibility to the client from beginning to end. I set up a development server and provide a link to the client, to use as they wish for overview of progress. A quote will be provided at the start of the project, which will include a timeline, proposed tech stack, and proposed implementation of any features the client requests.

Designed in Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design (XD) is my go-to design tool, allowing quick mock-up of the full interface and modifications during the design process. This also easily shows the responsive properties paramount to designing a web application. After all, a large amount of your customers will be viewing your page on small screen devices!

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Custom Development

Custom code development is very important in configuring your website for 'scalability', or the ability to scale up and build new features into your website in the future.

With content management services such as Wordpress, a business owner is very constrained in what they can do with the website they build.

I provide custom codebases with a very modular, component-based structure, that is a breeze for other developers to return to, and build upon, later. Even if that developer isn't me!

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Media Management Campaigns

Social media management is crucial to new businesses, as every individual on the planet seems to be on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or countless others 24/7. This opens up a GIGANTIC opportunity for advertisement for local businesses.

If only it wasn't so time consuming and confusing!
Content Design and Management

In today's world of social media immersion, we would be remiss as business owners to not take advantage of the amazing coverage that utilizing these resources would offer us. However, most of the time, business owners have so much to take care of just in the every day operation of their businesses that they don't have time, energy, or frankly patience, to be able to dedicate the time required to fully take advantage of social media.

I offer management campaign services for social media that will revolutionize your workflow.

  • Page creation across platforms for maximum reach
  • Integration of most well known media sites
  • Content creation
  • Automated Publishing
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Advertising Management

I can also manage your advertising campaigns, delivering guaranteed results across focused metrics. The advent of Facebook ads has completely changed the way a small business owner goes about brand recognition. Tapping into just that one small resource can quickly double and triple a business' sales.

BMW car advertisement

Media Management Campaigns

So, now that you have your website built (and it looks fantastic, btw!), how are you going to get it online and in the public eye?

VPS Hosting

You thought building a web application was hard, just wait until you have to figure out hosting. Hosting is the process of getting your website online and recognizable. Snow Development offers services to get you set up with a dedicated virtual private server (vps), and either training or continued management options for production.

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SEO Services

SEO, or search engine optimization, services come standard with any custom web application built by Snow Development. This is what gets you seen by Google, and starts showing your results on the web. Much of this has changed over the last decade, and it is definitely not a metric that is easily measured - with that being said, I offer many services that will help get you climbing the ranks.

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Wholesome content designed to showcase keywords
  • Google Business Listing
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Ready to get your website rolling?